BY DEFAULT, Wings are served fried and tossed in the coating sauce. If you want sauce on side, please order NAKED wings.

If you are very particular about the crispiness, please order Naked wings.

100% canola.

Brioche, since it’s light and fluffy.

Burger patty in a Brioche, relish mayo dressing, greens, tomato and pickle and IT COMES WITH SMALL FRIES.

Only the blackened chicken sandwich & Burgers

Chicken tenders, chipotle mayo, RED Cabbage coleslaw, Pepper jack Cheese, Tomato.

Chicken Tenders, Relish Mayo dressing, Cucumber, Ranch, Bacon and Tomato.

Not at all and never have been. Boneless are made here from chicken breast and tenders, even that are gluten free. It is lightly battered (gluten free batter).

All the buffalos, American gold and Mango.

Of course, we will not put the dressing and Cheese on it.

Every sauce has sugar but all of the buffalo have less sugar.

Yes and it is not Gluten free.

It is basically Mac and cheese, nothing fancy, very home style, SAUCY and we use 3 different cheese in it, MOZZARELLA, CHEDDAR, PROVOLONE. It is very popular, people LOVE them.

80th street to 101 street and River to 5th Avenue.

We used to do that we got hit with lot of refunds and disputes, that we stopped that.

We work very hard for people to eat food and not pay for it.

They have soy and Worcestershire sauce.

We can, up to 110 street but the order has to be more than $30. We have to get an outside company to deliver it.

Nope, it has dairy product. I can’t share the exact recipe, but people seem to love it.

Garlic Parmesan, Creamy Cilantro, Blue Cheese

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